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E3 2017

If you missed the E3 2017 Press Conferences, check them all out here to see what was new and see what they had to say about each of their games. Look below for embedded videos of all the E3 2017 Press Conferences. Also tune in soon for a table of all the content that was revealed, just in case you don’t want to watch several hours of videos. We totally understand. That’ll be coming soon, check the very bottom of the page for that!

EA Play Live E3 2017

XBox E3 2017 Briefing

Bethesda E3 2017 Show

Devolver Digital E3 2017 Press Conference

Ubisoft E3 2017 Conference

PlayStation E3 2017 Media Showcase

Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017

Personally, we thought the Ubisoft show had some of the most exciting reveals, though everyone had games that we were extremely excited about. Check out the Rising Shark Gaming YouTube channel for our weekly Rising Shark Gaming Podcast, which airs this Sunday at 3 PM where we’ll talk about some of our favorite reveals that came about during E3 2017. Check out a table of games revealed during the Conferences just below.

Table of Revealed Games

Ubisoft E3 Conference

Game Name Details Release Date Platform
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Supposed to be like no other Mario game made before, tactical adventure, Rabbids teleported to Mario world, world is now unstable and crazy, 3D exploration similar to that of 3D World, turn based tactical combat– game switches from exploration mode to battle mode. different skills and abilities, cover to protect from enemies. similar to XCOM type games. Team Based, with units you set up from the Mario world and crazy Rabbids that are dressed as Mario Characters. Plot is trying to split the worlds back apart and get the Rabbids out of their world and back into their own. Peach isn’t useless. Aug 29, 2017 Nintendo Switch
Assassin’s Creed Origins Ancient Egypt, supposed to be an attempt to reinvent what it meant to play Assassin’s Creed, new Bow gameplay, Eagle companion that gives overhead assistance, controlled via the player, and marking enemies and collectibles, etc, loads of creatures like Lions and Alligators, Hyenas, camels, Showed gameplay from what was available at the E3 Showfloor, Oct 27, 2017 PS4, Xbox One, and PC/td>
The Crew 2 Street Racing, nascar/motorsport racing, offroading, flight, and boat racing. Explore narrow rivers and open ocean (i’m sure you can’t get too far from the land mass), fly through the city or high in the clouds or mountains etc Demo was at their booth on the E3 Showfloor Early 2018, sign up for beta access Ps4, Xbox One, and PC
South Park the Fractured But Whole Demo was on showfloor, nothing shown here really Oct 17, 2017 PS4, Xbox One, and PC
Transference VR, Horror? Nothing was shown here really Spring 2018 ???
Skull & Bones Pirates, boating, sailing based in the indian ocean climb food chain and surpass every pirate ever in history, tactical pirating adventure. shared world with friends and strangers (?) collaborate and compete against other players. Loot Hunt is a 5v5 PVP mode. 3rd person action, similiar to Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag it seems, shanties like in Black Flag, several weapons and boat customiztion to give the edge in combat and to create unique diverse boats. combat looks very much like Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. Can board disabled ships and loot your opponents similar to AC Black Flag, but probably a different combat system for swashbuckling, but we didn’t see any of that gameplay just characters jumping onto an enemy boat.Are there private servers for only those invited, similar to Minecraft? Are there NPC navies, pirates, etc to fight? World evolves and changes based on what you do. Giant ocotopus sea creature?! Game was on showfloor Fall 2018, Sign up on website to play early, PS4, Xbox One, and PC
Just Dance 2018 New songs obviously, is better trackin implemented? Nothing was shown here really October 2017 Available on all Consoles
South Park Phone Destroyer Looks like Stick of truth, fractured but whole, but maybe card based? Nothing was elaborated on. Coming 2017 Mobile/td>
Starlink Battle for Atlas Build your own ships with a figure and scan it lnto the game, take control of a team of star pilots in a massive open universe, explore and dogfight, physical and digital ships Fall 2018 PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One
Steep Road to the Olympics First Expansion, olympics competetion in snowboarding and skiing multiple competitions December 5th Every Platform currently that Steep is currently playable upon
Farcry 5 Hope County overun by a cult, closed roads and cut the phone lines. nowhere to run. command and direct allies tactically including human and animal companions. AND CO-OP! Feb 27, 2018 Ps4, Xbox One, and PC
Beyond Good and Evil 2 Anthromorphic characters, and humans, futuristic, flying cars and hoverbikes, realistic artstyle approach but comedic, space adventure, explore online in space with friends or solo, Register for Beta or something? No idea when it’s out./td>


Nintendo Spotlight

Game Name Details Release Date Platform
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Action RPG, anime looking, gorgeous Holiday 2017 Switch
Kirby Side scroller, classic Kirby gameplay 2018 Switch
Pokken Tournament DX Expanded version of Pokken on the Wii U, new pokemon, was on the showroom floor Sep 22, 2017 Switch
New Pokemon Core Title, untitled Core Pokemon title on the nintendo switch.No other details More than a Year off from now Switch
Metroid Prime 4 In development, nothing shown ??? Switch
Yoshi 3D Yarn Yoshi platformer, side scroller with some 2.5D stuff, with cardboard environments. 2018 Switch
Fire Emblem Warriors Marth, Corrin, Xander, Ryoma, Chrom are characters in the game along with 2 twin characters who are unique to only this game. Playable on showfloor. Was shown on the Nintendo Treehouse, details as follows; Character switching in combat, special moves and crit attacks when enemy stun gauge hits max. Classic FE level up and stats, map allows you to command allies to do certain things with the map being a grid like classic fire emblem games. The level up pop up can be toggled on and off. Can call in allies for assist attacks. Characters will develop bonds and closeness to each other via a support system. Colliseum Mode: Seperate from main story, extra game content. go through and fight enemy heroes 1 after another until you get through 6 FE heroes. Several non-sword users to be revealed later. Also English voice acted, just about all lines fully voiced. 2 New Fire Emblem Amiibo for Chrom and Tiki, all FE amiibo compatbile with FE Warriors. Fall 2017, Sep 28,2017 in Japan Switch
Zelda Breath of the Wild The Master Trials DLC Pack 1 New puzzles, new masks, Master Mode, Champions Ballad DLC Pack 2 Four Champions in Breath of the Wild as Amiibo useable in the game. June 30, DLC pack 2 Holiday 2017 Switch
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Check the Ubi section Aug 29th Switch
Rocket League Exclusive customization and cars, play against other platforms, local wireless play Holiday 2017 Switch
Super Mario Odyssey Dinosaurs?! Other crazy hats and outfits for mario. I dunno what I’m mario taking over enemies and creatures and you play as them? and other inanimate objects too? He bacame a car! I took over a dud eon the street and a dinosaur! what?! So the idea is that you are travelling the world and throwing your hat at enemies to take over them and control them along the way. Gameplay was shown at Treehouse, details as follows; Game is named after the Spaceship that Mario uses to travel. The hat, Cappy, can be used to hit things and grab items. World is a huge 3D environment with checkpoints and item boxes, coins, etc for you to explore and collect things and enemies to fight. Mario can become just about anything it appears. Quests and side things to do. Two kingdoms on the showfloor, showed both You lose coins for dying rather than lives. Enemies with hats have to have their hat knocked off before you can become them. Can buy things with the coins you can find around the cities. Different kingdoms have different purple coins tha tyou can collect which can be used to buy items. Regular coins can be used and found everywhere and purple are only in the specific kingdom they’re from. Outfits buyable for mario, with shirts pants and hats and decorations can be bought for the space ship. Mario was playing a guitar while dressed in a sombrero and a pancho. Motion controls and button inputs allow you to control the direction the hat goes when you throw it at enemies.Not every enemy is capturable, only special ones that are possibly slightly bigger than others explosive enemies blow up after a time so can only be used a short time. Mario can warp pipe into wall murals to do side scrolling 8 bit adventuring within the 3d world. Keeps his outfit too. Allows for traditional mario platforming. Music turns changes from traditional music into 8 bit music when you go between the 8bit and 3D worlds in a smooth transition. Main boss Enemies are an evil wedding planning firm called the Broodals, employed by Bowser to make sure his wedding to Peach goes off without a hitch. Mario Odyssey Amiibo of the characters Mario, Peach and Bowser in wedding outfits. Oct 27, 2017 Switch

Nintendo Treehouse Reveals

Game Name Details Release Date Platform
Metroid Samus Returns 3D, Metroid side scroller, new abilities and new capabilities, new powers and new enemies. A reimagining of Metroid II. Classic exploration, map system, and isolation. 2.5D implementation visually. Samus can aim and fire in all directions now with a new free aim mode using a laser indicator that glows red when an enemy is in sight and beeping to show you have it. Samus has a Melee counter that can be used ot knock enemies away when an enemy charges at her. New scan pulse ability that can be used to find hidden paths and fil parts of the map and it uses some energy from a gauge that needs to be refilled. HAs Amiibo functions with previous Samus characters. 2 new Amiibo. A Metroid, and a Classic Samus pose, crouching. Functionalities announced at a later time Special Edition with OST Late 2017 Nintendo 3DS
Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions Superstar Saga HD remaster with upgraded visuals with new story elements and new gameplay mode, including new battle elements. Build a squad with specific functions out of Bowser minions and send them in to fight enemy squads. Oct 6, 2017 Nintendo 3DS

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