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Today I’d like to talk about a game that I’m most excited for that’s dropping this week. It’s the latest in Dragon Ball Z games, and with the new addition of Dragon Ball Super to streaming sites such as Daisuki.net, Crunchyroll.com, and Animelab.com the excitement, anticipation, and hype couldn’t be more real. That’s right, I think you should watch out for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 dropping just tomorrow, October 24th. Because, whoa boy, am I jumping into that as soon as it drops. Preorder set and game already preloaded to my Playstation 4, I’m not sure I could be more ready. Look, I even got the Steam version lined up. Also, not to spoil any future content on the site, but we’ll have a full review for the PS4 version of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 on the site by the weeks end.

But with that all said and done, why should you watch out for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2? Besides the fact that its predecessor was the best Dragon Ball game to date (in my honest opinion) and that DBXV2 has greatly improved upon the last game, as you can see from the three videos we posted to YouTube during both the Closed and Open Betas; literally the entirely Dragon Ball Z YouTube community has been ablaze with many of them getting exclusive hands-on time with the game over the last several months and even early access to the game ahead of it’s launch tomorrow. Alright but I guess that doesn’t really tell you why you should be excited.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Marked Improvements or Additions

  • Story: Xenoverse saw the introduction of a time travelling hero working alongside Trunks and the Supreme Kai of Time to keep villains from distorting the Dragon Ball Z timeline. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 follows much the same path, however they’ve resorted to using Dragon Ball Z villains from the various movies such as; Cooler, Janemba, Lord Slug, Broly, and Turles. The villains, Towa and Mira are plucking the movie villains from their various timelines, which are outside of the normal Dragon Ball Z timeline and plopping them into the middle of everything. Of course, that’s not all. A Mysterious Masked Saiyan who looks strikingly like Goku’s father Bardock, from the Father of Goku tv special, is also introduced. We don’t know where the story intends to go, but word from the DB YouTube community is that it’s several leagues better than the first game.
  • Combat: One of the problems that much of the community had with Xenoverse was that their hits would fail to connect, even when they clearly should have been or they were being hit by things they had no business being hit by. Our time with the DBXV 2 Betas definitely showed that there has been a marked improvement since the last game. Not only that, but in the previous game when you slammed an enemy into the ground you had to wait until they stood back up before you could continue beating them down. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 brings with it the ability to “hit them while they’re down”, allowing you to continue your combos further. This isn’t including the addition of new techniques that they’ll teach you at the start of the game, and a whole slew of new and returning Super and Ultimate moves.
  • Character Roster: While mostly an RPG, much of the game is a fighter. You can choose many of the familiar faces throughout Dragon Ball Z and pit them against other players or send them out on side quests known as Parallel Quests. While Xenoverse had a decently sized roster, the roster for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is looking to be at least twice as big at least according to the DB YouTube community and the Bandai Namco community manager during the recent Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 livestream from about 2 weeks ago. How much bigger will be answered in due time, we just know that many a new face will be added including some from the new Dragon Ball Super anime.
  • Side Quests and Parallel Quests: We mentioned Parallel Quests just a moment ago. Touching on that again, Xenoverse had around 50 Parallel Quests and while that was a lot, DBXV2 supposedly has at least twice as many of them. Much of the last games PQs are coming back, if not all of them, we’re fairly certain. That’s still 50+ new quests. That’s not including the new side quests that you can do at new Time Rift locations. In the Beta, you could travel to rifts in time using these miniatures located around Conton City to places such as Frieza’s Space Ship, Planet Namek, Hercules House, Buu’s House, or the Capsule Corporation. There, you can take on various quests to discover why the rift has appeared. There are also Expert Missions, where 6 players face off against a large boss enemy, such as Great Ape Vegeta (Why don’t we ever call ’em Oozaru?) and Raid Missions where the entire Conton City server faces off against a ‘world boss’ type enemy that takes many teams and retries just to beat. We don’t know how the Rift Missions or the Expert or Raid Missions will work just yet, but there is much and more content to look forward to.
  • Hub World, Conton City: Toki Toki City was bad. It was small overall, took forever to travel through and had at least 3 load screens if you wanted to do a lap around the place. Of course, why would you because as stated it was small so there wasn’t much to see and you moved at snail-pace. DBXV2’s Conton City is reportedly 7 times larger than Toki Toki City. Now, if we were still slow like in Xenoverse, I’d be really bothered by this news. However, the game is introducing Hover Vehicles. Using these, you can get from the left side of the map to the right side of the map in about 10 to 15 seconds. While the map is bigger from top to bottom than it is from left to right, this is still faster and further than a lap around Toki Toki City. If that’s not all, you can also fly around Conton City. And it seems like there may be a bit more stuff to find around the city when you take things vertically.
  • Versus: Versus modes weren’t too terrible in Xenoverse, however marked improvements all around are definitely more than welcomed with Xenvoerse 2. New maps to fight others on, the new Combat improvements we just went over, and rules that can be established within the game for when you go to take someone on. In Online matches, you can turn off equipment and level stat buffs, putting you and your opponent on equal footing with the same amount of health, stamina, ki and damage output when using your created characters. Of course, original characters such as Goku or Vegeta will have stats conformed to their fighting styles and characteristics from the series. Along with this is the addition of being able to set a longer timer, as Xenoverese only allowed a 3 minute timer for all matches. Local matches now allows you to pick from the vast array of Xenoverse 2 maps, unlike Xenoverse where you could only fight locally at the World Tournament stage. There’s also a practice mode so that you can learn combos, see damage numbers, and have the CPU perform specific actions.

Of course that’s all we know so far, but we’ll be covering anything we missed here in our review coming later this week. Let us know what has you most excited. For me? Honestly, everything is exciting but I’m most excited to see what lies in wait with the story. Then, I’m excited to run the PQ gauntlet (along with any other cooperative missions) with my buddies. Don’t forget to check out our Impression of the Closed Beta along with our video of the new character customization features and a preview of one of the Parallel Quests. You can check those out on our YouTube channel here.

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This guy grew up playing Kirby for the NES on his grandmother's lap and has had a passion for games all his life. You'll primarily see reviews and opinion pieces from him. He likes RPGs, both Western and Japanese, action, adventure, brawlers, spectacle fighters and the occasional fighter or shooter; either third-person or first-person.

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